One Ocean Scuba is a full-service dive shop. We offer premium scuba gear rentals, expert gear maintenance services, and meticulous tank inspections and fills. Trust us to ensure your dive is safe and seamless. Let us know if you don't see something you're looking for!


We charge rentals based on a daily rate and can accommodate longer periods in specific cases. Share your needs, and we'll customize a package just for you.


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Rental gear and rates

Rental item
Regulator and computer $20 / day
BCD $20 / day
Wetsuit (3mm or 7mm) $15 / day
Gloves $5 / day
Hood $5 / day
Weight (belt or integrated) $15 / day
Tank (80 cubic ft, aluminum) $15 / day

Tank services

As a certified PADI tank filling shop, we're delighted to handle the filling and inspection of your tanks. Kindly keep in mind that advanced notice may be necessary, so please inform us in advance of your requirements.


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Filling and service rates

Air fill - 3000psi $10
Visual inspection - Air service
(Includes valve inspection and air fill)

Annual gear service and repairs

Ensure your diving experiences remain unparalleled by investing in our annual gear service and repair. Keeping your gear in top-notch condition is the key to ensuring every dive is safe and enjoyable, allowing you to explore the underwater wonders with confidence and ease.


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Available services and rates


Regulator overhaul (per stage)

Includes labor only, parts additional
In-house service on Mares, Cressi, Sherwood, Genesis, and Tusa brands

Regulator inspection/tuning (per stage) $25
BCD service
Cleaning the inside/outside, including valves and power inflator service
Includes labor, parts additional
Computer battery change
Non-factory service; battery additional
Assemble and bench test equipment
Gear purchased from One Ocean Scuba is assembled and bench-tested for free.