For more than 20 years, I have had the great pleasure of taking students, snorkelers and divers of all certification levels on incredible life-changing adventures around the globe. I have seen the way scuba brings people together, and firmly believe that when people come together, anything is possible. We founded One Ocean Scuba to use diving education and a love of the ocean as tools to provide outreach into the local community and around the world. Whether you are a new diver earning your certification, an advanced diver looking to perfect your wreck diving skills, or an enthusiastic diver who has made the decision to join the professional ranks of diving so you can share your love of the aquatic realm with others, we want to take that journey with you. As you look through our course offerings, try to imagine the path you want to take as a diver. Are you looking to spend more quality time learning something new with your family, or escape to a tranquil location to regain your sense of peace, or even to challenge yourself with more extreme environments like diving under the ice or inside a wreck? There are no limits to where scuba can lead you! Maybe you are interested in a career in marine biology, or looking to improve your photography skills, or even learn a new language for our next trip. Scuba can be a springboard for all of that and more! All of us at One Ocean Scuba are excited and honored to share this next adventure with you.