Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Course

Don’t let your dives go to waste! Grab your mesh bag, scuba gear and data card and join One Ocean Scuba to make every dive count! We have partnered with the city of Havre de Grace, MD to conduct monthly Dive Against Debris efforts. This is one of the most meaningful PADI Specialties you can earn, and it is also a part of our Master Scuba Diver Course Package. The next Dive Against Debris Specialty Presentation is Oct 24th - email us at to register.


Did you know it’s estimated that 70% of the debris that makes its way to the water sinks to the bottom? For many people that trash is then out of sight and out of mind. Scuba Divers are in a unique position to make a difference by collecting, sorting, disposing of and reporting the data from these dives.

 The Mayor invited us to make a presentation to the City Council about our Dive Against Debris efforts. You can watch the presentation here starting at 51:40. We are honored to be a part of the many green initiatives in beautiful Havre de Grace. We founded One Ocean Scuba to use diving education and a love of the ocean as tools to provide outreach into the local community and around the world. Restoring the oceans to health is at the very heart of our mission. That’s why we like to say Dive, Protect, Repeat.


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