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Advanced Open Water


The Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about advancing your skills. You'll practice navigation and buoyancy, try deep diving and make three specialty dives of your choosing (it's like a specialty sampler platter). For every specialty dive you complete, you can earn credit toward PADI® specialty certifications.

Here are a few of the many options: Deep, Digital Underwater Photography, Dive Against Debris, Dry Suit, Enriched Air Nitrox, Fish Identification, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigation, and Wreck Diver.


The course has two parts: an online eLearning module and in-person training. Kick off your scuba journey by starting the eLearning at your convenience. Simply select Get started to pay for the eLearning portion and start learning.

To complete the in-person training, contact us to secure your spot and pay the in-person training fees. Check our calendar for upcoming course dates.

Total Course Fees: $399* (eLearning $216; In-person training $183)

*This doesn't include transportation to the lake, lake fees, and overnight accommodations.

For a hassle-free experience, please feel free to contact us to sign up and pay in full. Once confirmed, we'll provide you with your eLearning code so you can dive into the eLearning segment with ease. We look forward to having you in this course!


Get started


Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

This course is designed to improve your underwater knowledge and skills. You can enroll immediately after earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification, regardless of your skill level. The course helps you build confidence in navigation, fine-tune buoyancy skills and introduces you to different diving activities such as wreck diving, night diving, or underwater photography. This can be completed locally in one weekend at the lake or on a group trip.

Knowledge development

You’ll plan your learning path with your instructor by choosing from a long list of Adventure Dives and completing the corresponding sections of eLearning. There are two required dives – Deep Diver and Underwater Navigation – and you choose the other three based on your interests for a total of five dives. After completing the knowledge reviews at your own pace, you are ready to go diving!

Open water dives

During the Deep Adventure Dive, you learn how to plan dives to deal with the physiological effects and challenges of deeper scuba diving. The Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive refines your compass navigation skills and helps you better navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks, and time. The other knowledge and skills you master vary according to your choice – photography, buoyancy control, fish identification, exploring wrecks, and many more.


Students must have their own mask, snorkel, boots, and fins. The following gear can be rented: wetsuit, BCD, regulator, computer, tanks, and weights.


$399 (does not include transportation to the dive site, lake fees, or overnight accommodations)


PADI Open Water Certification or equivalent


Key points

  • This is the next step in certification that will train you to dive to the maximum recreational diving depth of 130 ft.
  • This certification will build on what you learned in your Open Water Course and train you to do deeper dives to 100 ft.
  • The cost of this course is $399, not including lake entry fees.

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