Earning Your Scuba Merit Badge is Easy!

First Employee   Apr 28, 2023

Scuba diving is an excellent option if you’re curious about the underwater world. While earning this badge might seem challenging, our staff includes a Scuba Merit Badge Counselor. This means they know the complete process, can answer any questions, and certify your whole troop! Scuba Diving and Snorkeling certifications with One Ocean Scuba prepare your troop for the unique scouting aquatic programs at Sea Base.

In only 10 hours of eLearning, 8 hours in the pool, and one weekend at the lake, you can earn your scuba merit badge and lifetime PADI Open Water certification!

There are only three parts to earning your scuba merit badge. Let’s go over each.

  1. eLearning - In the eLearning portion, you’ll learn all about the basics of diving - from the gear you use to hand signals to dive principles and terminology. This takes about 10 hours to complete, which you can do at your own pace. Our scuba instructors can help answer any questions as you move through the information.
  2. Pool sessions - Next, you’ll practice what you learned in the eLearning in a pool. You’ll use scuba gear designed specifically for youth divers, practice skills, and master scuba diving skills in a safe environment. This typically takes 8 hours of in-water time, and we allow for extra skill practice if needed. Depending on your group's schedule, we usually split this portion into 2-3 sessions.
  3. Lake sessions - the final segment is trying everything you’ve learned at the lake! While at the lake, you’ll complete four certification dives. During these dives, you’ll demonstrate all the skills you learned from the eLearning and practiced in the pool. PADI requires that students complete the four dives over two days, but this is an excellent way to space out the training. In one weekend, you can achieve these dives and earn your merit badge and open-water certification! If you prefer, these four dives can also be completed on your own vacation.

Opening up a lifetime of opportunity

Not only will you earn your scuba merit badge, but you’ll also receive the PADI Open Water Scuba certification. This allows you to dive at locations worldwide! Explore the coral reefs in Australia, dive in Iceland between two continental plates, learn more about aquatic life, and pursue a career in marine biology! The possibilities are endless!

Diving opens up a world of adventure!

Troops love working with us!

Our instructors and training staff annually take the Youth Protection Training. With a Scuba Merit Badge Counselor on staff, we make earning the badge seamless. We are happy to answer any questions before signing up, during your training, and after your certification. If you would like an instructor to give a presentation to your troop about this opportunity, just let us know.  We’re delighted to accommodate training for entire troops! We also offer group and gear discounts to troops.

Ready to earn your Scuba Merit Badge?

Call us at (240) 669-8568 or email us today! Full details are also available on our website.